Selling medicine sans prescription

Statesman News Service
KALIMPONG, March 30. — Having been caught red-handed selling drugs without prescription over the counter, four medical shops — Raj Medical, Medicine Corner, Adarsh Medical and Nandan Medical — have been served show-cause notices by the Siliguri division of Drug Control Directorate (DCD).
The notices were served after the Kalimpong police found the shops selling drugs without prescription about two weeks back.
Speaking over phone from Siliguri, the deputy drug controller (DCD), Mr A Chakraborty, said: “We have taken action based on the report given to us by police.”
“During an inspection in Kalimpong a few days back, the shops were found selling psychotropic drugs. We have been waiting for response from the accused,” said Mr Chakraborty. He has also threatened to seize shop licenses of all the four, if they are found guilty again.
Significantly, these shops are all situated in the heart of Kalimpong town, beside the main road and are at a distance of about 100 metres from the police station.
Incidentally, a number of drug addicts were arrested and the shops selling the drugs were identified during a drive by the police a few days back. “We are still trying to identify such shops,” the additional SP, Mr SK Gazmer, said.
However, the Kalimpong Nagarik Suraksha Samiti has threatened with dire consequences. Its joint coordinator, Mrs Jyoti Karkee, said: “This should surely be the last warning and if the administration is lenient again, we will hit the streets.”
“This place is famous for its academic environment. But, such shops are spoiling the reputation of the place,” she said.
The All Gorkha Students’ Union members said that due to the youths’ addiction to drugs, joblessness has risen. “Drug addiction is one of the factors responsible for a steep rise in unemployment rate, as youths are hooked to drugs at a very early age,” the branch president of AGSU, Mr Sagar Rai, said. None of the shop owners were willing to comment on the matter.

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