Paril brings more gold

Statesman News Service
KALIMPONG, May 31. — ‘Corpus’, a beneficiary group initiated for extraordinarily talented youths facing financial constraints, has achieved success as their town girl, the sub-junior national archery champion Paril Lepcha won laurels in Kolkata.
Paril won all the three medals — gold, silver and bronze at the 33rd West Bengal Archery Championship, confirmed her father, Mr Chuzang Lepcha (40), after the duo returned from Kolkata today.
“Yet another feat achieved by my daughter,” a proud Mr Lepcha, who is also her coach, said.
In this tournament held at the Salt Lake on 28 and 29 May, Paril won the gold while targeting 30 metres, a bronze for the 20 metres range and a silver as the, ‘overall champion’.
In a thanksgiving to members of the Corpus, Mr Lepcha said that his family owes much to the citizens of Kalimpong, mainly members of the beneficiary committee. “Perhaps we will never be able to forget the contribution these citizens have made to our lives,” Mr Lepcha said.
Paril was not able to participate in the national championships and move further on the international level due her inability to purchase a fibre-made bow and arrow.
A collection of Rs 52,000 was made due to the efforts by the Corpus. A grant of Rs 70,000 by the DGHC chairman has finally raised her hopes of owning the fibre bow and arrow.
“The Bengal Archery Association (BAA) has directed us to the Indian Archery Association (IAA) as the fiber bow and arrow are circulated in India only via the latter,” Mr Lepcha said.
“It was all unexpected support,” 14-year-old Paril, who dreams of becoming a national coach, said.
Senior members of Corpus also expressed their satisfaction on the success.
“We are also corresponding with the Union ministry of sports for financial assistance and have also been requesting for grants. The Corpus has set an objective of support for extraordinary talents and will keep up with its work,” its coordinator, Mr Samsher Ali, said.


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