Dreams hit by landslip

Kalimpong, June 29: Thirty- year-old Kalpana Sewa’s dream of living in a house of her own shattered yesterday, when the foundation wall of a building above it came crashing down on it.

The incident, which occurred at Tirpai last night around 10.30, totally destroyed the new house and endangered another one just below it.

There were, however, no casualties. Heavy and sustained rainfall in the area led to the accident.

Fifty-six-year-old Shanti Moktan, whose house is just below the damaged house, said: “It was late at night and we were just about to sleep when we heard a loud noise outside our house. We came to check and found that the foundation wall of a house above us had collapsed, destroying Sewa’s house. Thankfully, it was empty. Our house would also have been destroyed if the rods protruding from the walls of our house had not stopped the debris.”

Twenty-five-year-old Mohan Roka, who lived in the house whose foundation wall collapsed, said: “Last night I heard a loud rumble coming from the direction of my sister’s room. I hurriedly went to check what had happened and saw that the foundation wall had collapsed.”

With tears in her eyes Sewa said: “We had just completed making this house. I had spent days and night in building it so that my family could shift from the rented house we were staying in. I also spent most of my savings on the house.” Sewa whose husband is a tailor had not only put her money into the house, but had also put in a lot of hard labour.

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