National archery champion Paril Lepcha felicitated

Statesman News Service
KALIMPONG, July 20. — The felicitation of Paril continues. As an expression of solidarity towards the 13-year-old sub-junior national archery champion, the association of the heads of ICSE and ICS schools today handed over a check worth rupees fifteen thousand rupees to Paril Lepcha here at Dr Graham Homes.
The director of Saptyashari Gyanpit, Mr MB Pradhan, said that the step was initiated by Corpus, the newly formed beneficiary committee for talented youths.
“All the contribution has been made from the school funds”, Mr Pradhan said. This is the first time that the association has taken up such a cause. “ Besides grants are also being made to a cancer patient here at the DGH”, Mr Pradhan added.
In her latest win Paril bagged three medals – gold, silver and bronze – at the 33rd West Bengal Archery Championship held at Salt Lake on May.
She also won other two prestigious gold medals at the sub-junior National Archery Championship, held at New Delhi in 2004.
However, due to financial constraints and her consequent inability to purchase a fibre bow and arrow, Paril has not been able to participate in international tournaments.
Members of the association expressed their pleasure at being able to come to the help of such talented but economically pressed youths .
“ This association will support such budding talents”, Mr Pradhan said citing Paril as an example. Corpus is an association of nine Kalimpong-based schools.
Speaking on
behalf of Corpus its senior member, Mr Prafulla Rao, confirmed that the committee has been corresponding with Bhutan Archery with the purpose of purchasing a fibre bow and arrow for Paril through Hoitt – an American company which has its branch in Bhutan.
Mr Rao also said that Corpus’ next project would be to help the 17- year-old Dipesh Kalikotey, the topper of Higher Secondary Examination, this year in the sub division.
Dipesh, who recently passed the joint entrance examination, has secured a seat in
the Jalpaiguri government engineering college.

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