Ghisingh can’t give Gorkhaland: AIGL

Statesman News Service
KALIMPONG, July 28. — Hours after the celebration of Martyrs’ day, the All India Gorkha League today asserted that their dream of establishing a separate state for the Gorkhas will be impossible under the leadership of the GNLF supremo and DGHC chairman, Mr Subash Ghisingh.
Alleging that Mr Ghisingh is not true to the cause of Gorkhaland, despite leading a 28-month long agitation during the late 80s, a central committee member, Mr Pratap Khati, added: “The Sixth Schedule comes after issues like Gorkhaland, no mans land etc.”
The AIGL also accused the GNLF of misleading the hill people. “It’s a fact that the GNLF has opponents of Gorkhaland as per the affidavit filed by them at the High Court against the legal measures initiated against the DGHC in 2004,” Mr Khati said.
The GNLF leaders, who still aspire for a separate state, are most welcome to join our Gorkhaland movement,” he added. Interestingly the ABGL, as a part of the PDF, has also openly invited the cooperation of all those who dream of Gorkhaland.
The senior members of the league, while supporting the cause of the Sixth Schedule also demanded the inclusion of the Dooars and Siliguri in the DGHC. “The tripartite and bipartite talks of the GNLF also lack transparency,” Mr Khati said.
The Opposition, People’s Democratic Front (PDF), will hold the second phase of its “operation exposure” in Kalimpong on 30 July.


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