Statesman News Service.
KALIMPONG, July. 31. — Notwithstanding the understanding between the hill Opposition coalition of the PDF and the CPI-M, the former has claimed that Marxist administration, along with the GNLF, has played a major role in snatching the “democratic rights” for the hill people.
Citing the instance of Mr Subash Ghisingh being appointed the caretaker administrator of the council, the PDF has questioned the basis on which he has been appointed. “Mr Ghisingh has been holding the post without taking into consideration people’s mandate. And the state government was the one to appoint him,” President of AIGL and chairman of PDF, Mr Madan Tamang said, adding: “This is the biggest democratic injustice by the state.” The appointment of Mr Ghisingh on 26 March and the extension of the council elections by the Left Front led state came amidst lot of controversy.
Just a couple of months before, Mr Tamang had filed a writ petition at the Kolkata high court alleging the DGHC of functioning in an undemocratic manner.
In a substantiated allegation, Mr Tamang had claimed that the general council meeting, supposed to be conducted every 3 months, has not been held for the last three years. The yearly budget too has not been prepared by the GNLF from the time it has ruled the DGHC.
PDF seniors claimed that the administration has been underestimating the aspiration of the hill masses. “Probably they have not realised that they are playing with fire, here. It will certainly prove to be a costly game for them”, Mr Tamang said.
Echoing the GNLF (C), Darjeeling MLA and PDF spokesperson Mr DK Pradhan said: “It’s a disgrace for the Gorkha community that two GNLF MLA’s virtually asked all legislators in the state assembly for the appointment of Mr Ghisingh”. The PDF has also accused Mr Ghisingh of falsification in taking up the issue of sixth schedule.

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