GNSF calls strike at Kalimpong college
KALIMPONG, Aug. 23. — The GNSF has called for a two-day strike in Kalimpong college on 26 and 27 August to protest against the appointment of a history lecturer who lacks fluency in both Hindi and English.
The GNSF alleged that students are suffering because of the lack of his fluency in any of the regional languages.
“How can a lecturer explain and simplify matters in class without proper fluency in English and Hindi”, the president of the front, Mr Anil Lopchan, said. After much deliberations, the GNSF and the college administration have decided to give the lecturer three months’ time to hone up his language skills. While coming down heavily on the students’ union, the principal of Kalimpong College, Dr R Dhakal, said the former is never satisfied with any of the development work that has taken place over the years. “It is not that we are silent. But there are procedures which need to be followed. For example the history lecturer is appointed through the CSC hence there is very little we can do about it. But what about the permanent appointments of more than 10 lecturers in the past three years’’, Dr Dhakal said.

4 thoughts on “GNSF calls strike at Kalimpong college

  1. Dinesh Pradhan

    This is very good steps the students had taken at kalimpong college. The lecturers shold have fluent in english. If he cannot speaks english fluently, it is impossible to impart good lesson to the student. Their knowledges brighten the students career.


  2. Well, I totally agree with the students of kalimpong college. The lecturers should have fluency in english as there are lots of students coming from different places and countries, who are not familiar with regional languages. So English being the global language and the medium in Schools and universities, one should have the fluency in it to produce better students and better future for the country.
    Thank you


  3. well,that was so funny abt that teacher who dont know english n hindi.I totally agrees with the students.teacher must be fluent in english inorder to convey his education to the student otherwise it will be like a goat trying to learn the name of month…………..

    sachin karki


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