In service of the poor & deprived

Statesman News Service
KALIMPONG, Sept. 21. — The financially deprived 19-year-old Buddha Mukhiya could have hardly imagined moving forward with her life, after she quit school a couple of years back.
However, besides studying further she is now pursuing a course of hotel management. The credit though goes to the community college being set-by Cluny Women’s College (CWC). The institution was set up in July 2005 with the sole aim of guiding the deprived class. Elucidating about it , president of the CWC , Sister M Declan Fahy said: “This basically is a process of guiding the young minds into responsible citizens.” Focusing mainly at the neighbouring village of Mangal Busty the college now educates about 55 youths.
Interestingly the college has taken up the various skill development programmes such as hotel and tourism management among other like DTP and academic preparation for the 11th and 12th standard. “At present 14 youths are being prepared for the various employment opportunities, 18 for open school exams of 12th standard, and 16 for the 10th standard,” Sister Fahy said. “There is no criteria for the students to join here. There are youths who actually have never attended any educational institution .There are two such students,” she added.


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