SAA organises band competition

Statesman News Service
KALIMPONG, Sept. 25. — The ex-Sasonians, former students of the St Augustine’s school, have now found a unique way to commemorate their school’s diamond jubilee celebration with the Sasonian Alumni Association (SAA) organising an inter school marching band competition here on 2 October.
Ex- Sasonian and one of the organising member, Mr Anupam Lama said: “ Since we are celebrating our diamond jubilee year we wanted to honour our school. So we thought of organising this event which will not only be a part of the celebration but also highlight the talents of the students.”
“Nowadays there is a school band in each and every school but sadly enough they get to display their talents only on 15 August. So we thought of doing something for our talented youths,” Mr Lama said.
A total of 12 schools are set to display their marching and drumming skill here on 2 October.
After the gathering at the Town Hall at 8:30 a.m. the bands will parade through the main road finally heading towards the Mela ground, the venue of the competition. It will purely be a professional tournament as we have also called judges from the Army.
The participating teams will get a chance each to perform within a time period of fifteen minutes. The winners and the runners up will also be rewarded with trophies and certificates,” Mr Lama noted.
Alumni seniors also stated that they would now like to organise the band competition as an annual event. Significantly the parade competition is one of the major attractions during Independence Day celebration.

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