Kalimpong: the model tourist destination

Statesman News Service
KALIMPONG, Sept. 27. — The Eastern Himalaya Travel and Tour Operators’ Association (EHTTOA) is all set to showcase Kalimpong as a model tourist destination. Celebrating the ‘World Tourism Day’,
here jointly organised by the Hotels and Restaurants Association of Kalimpong (HORAK) and EHTTOA, secretary to the latter Mr Samrat Sanyal stressed upon Kalimpong as one of the major tourism brand of the region.
“At present there is no such brand title to the hills, which without doubt possesses immense potential for the growth of tourism. We want tourists to hold here for not less than fifteen days in comparison to the maximum of week’s halt they have been doing right now. For this specific reason we also wanted to the celebrate the day here. We have also been focusing on the whole of Eastern Himalaya and other North-Eastern states,” Mr Sanyal said.
The day’s activity started with journalists rafting downstream the Teesta from Labor Botey at 7:30 am in the morning. The WTD flag was later handed over by the rafting team to the members of EHTTOA near the Teesta Bridge who in turn passed it over to the HORAK members. Later the Kalimpong Royal Enfield Bullet Club (KREBU) joined the fiesta with a bike rally.
President of HORAK, Mr Amode Yonzone counted the celebration as success on the part of tourism promotion.
“The only thing that Kalimpong lacks is publicity especially in comparison to Darjeeling. So certainly the presence of so many tour operators and journalists could help us better things,” Mr Yonzone said.
The DGHC also came forward on the occasion with a number of cultural dances the most important being the ‘Marooni’. The students of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Cultural Institute (ITBCI) also showcased the ‘snow-lion dance’.
The tourism prospects of the place, its cultural diversity, and places of interest, world famous flora and fauna, education and Buddhist heritage were also highlighted.
“Its been a great day,” DGHC tourism department area manager Mr Bimal Gazmer said. Further extending ETTHOA’s support, its president Mr Suresh Periwal invited organisations for joint promotion of tourism.

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