‘Sawan Siddha’ for women’s uplift

Statesman News Service
KALIMPONG, Sept. 28. — It began merely on an experimental basis in April 2003. However, bringing hopes the ‘Sawan Siddha’ scheme under the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) has surely managed to bring about a sense of resurrection in the women class of our society.
Briefing about this at the seminar about women’s empowerment through Sawan Siddha held at the Town Hall today, secretary of Women’s Development (government undertaking) Mr S Dutta Banik said the scheme aims at the upliftment of the female class. “Our main objective is to focus on the economic empowerment of women from villages and their self-sustainability,” Mr Banik said explaining that the scheme would continue.
The SS launched only in the two blocks of Kalimpong (1 & 2) within Darjeeling district as pilot projects has certainly started off with a positive note, as per official records. At present there are about 103 sustaining self-help groups (SLG) in Block I (Kalimpong) and 89 in Block II (Algarah) respectively. A minimum of 9 members comprise of one such group.

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