An opportunity to display talent

Statesman News Service
KALIMPONG, Oct. 2. — As the school bands marched though the streets of Kalimpong it was almost certain that the students, from now onwards, will have a golden opportunity to display their talents annually besides engraving the leadership qualities in them.
School bands from ten schools of Kalimpong today participated in the first ever school band marching competition organised by the Sasonian Alumni Association (SAA) of the St Augustine’s school.
Though the weather was challenging for the students because of the slight drizzle, coordinator of the event, Mr Anupan Lama termed the attendance as fabulous. “The students are overwhelmingly enthused by the whole thing,” Mr Lama who is also an ex-Sasonian, said.
Three senior adjudicators from the Army were present to watch the students perform the band for a single round of 15 minutes each. Appreciating the function, a judge Lt Col. Chandan Kumar termed it as a magnificent effort on the part of the students and the organisers.
“This is surely a unique competition as I had never seen students gathering up for such an event. Almost all the students have done very well and I am surprised by the quality of their performance. They have been wonderful,” Lt Col Kumar said.
“To come forward to perform in public really increases their confidence by manifold. It a show of talent which simultaneously motives them,” he added. While the Girls High School were adjudged as the winners for their overall performance the SUMI won the second position. The competition was held to commemorate the school’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.
Addressing the event principal of SAS, Fr Laurence Monteiro said: “Such events bring about a visions among the students.”


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