Play stages comeback

Kalimpong, Oct. 25: A hit Nepali play of the 70s and 80s is all set for a comeback on the Kalimpong stage.
Aaina Bhalemungro Runcha, a play that had captured the imagination of audiences for more than a decade, will be put up by the same theatre group — the Kalimpong-based Bhadre ko Toli — that had staged it first and will have most of the original cast. There will be two shows at Town Hall on October 29 and 30.

The group had staged the play here in 1977. The play ran for 11 years and was performed not only in different parts of the district, but also in Sikkim and other parts of India. The play’s last commercial performance was in 1988.

“We had staged the play recently, on September 23, to pay tribute to actor Kira Kancha,” said C.K Shrestra, the leader of the theatre group. An excellent actor, Kancha had performed in all the shows of the play during its uninterrupted run.

“People who came to the show liked it very much and we got an invitation from Hill Channel — a local cable channel — which is organising the two shows here,” said Shrestra. The group has got similar invitations from Sikkim, Mirik and the Dooars region.

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