WBFDC to build new cottages in Kalimpong

Statesman News Service
KALIMPONG, Oct. 25. — To add to the comfort of the tourists visiting Kalimpong sub-division, the West Bengal Forest Development Corporation (WBFDC) will be coming with at least half a dozen of new cottages in the next few months.
To begin with, four new cottages are being set up at Santhalay Khola, a popular tourist stop which falls in the Gorubathan block of the Kalimpong sub-division.
The four new which are likely to be finished by December this year would take the total to eight with existing four cottages now. Similarly at Parentar which falls on the way to Bindhu at Jaldakha the corporation will be building two such cottages. Both are likely to get going by February, next year. To further add to the comfort it has also in Lava which has been a hot destination for visitors decided to come up with a common room.
Such room will become operational in Loleygoan in the next three weeks. Lava at present has a total of 19 cottages. Officials stated that such measures are mainly being initiated in view of the sub-divisions potential growth as a tourist destination in the Eastern Himalayas.
The WBFDC Kalimpong divisional manager, Mr NS Murali, said that the kind of demand the corporation has been facing from tourists have growing a lot over the years. “Previously visitors did not have enough knowledge about the place. But only after a visit they are amazed to know about places of ultimate beauty like Rishab. They have now realised that other places in Kalimpong are as equally vibrant and brilliant as Lava and Loleygoan ,” Mr Murali said. More interestingly the route from Lava to Rishab has now shortened by almost eight kilometres.
“We renovated the old road,” Mr Murali said. The corporation also already invested a sum of thirty lakh for the construction of cottages.

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