A true ‘Indian Idol’

Statesman News Service
KALIMPONG, Oct. 26. — Music might transform the grief-stricken life of eight-year-old Abishek Tamang, just as it transformed the life of 27-year-old Mr Ravinder Ravi, one of five finalists of the “Indian Idol” television series.
Ravi is now he will be singing to save Abishek’s life. The eight-year-old is suffering due to damage to both his kidneys. During his visit to Siliguri in the first week of October to perform in a Dandia dance organised by Lions Club of Siliguri (Greater), Ravi read about Abishek’ s struggle for life in a vernacular daily.
“I made up my mind then to sing for the boy,” Ravi said, speaking over the phone from New Delhi. Abishek, who hails from Barbotey, about 10 kilometres from Darjeeling, has been suffering from ill-health all through his childhood. “ Music has had a great influence in my life. Perhaps it can help this young boy too,” Ravi said.
His parents grieved that in spite of requests to the DGCH caretaker chairman Mr Subash Ghisingh, Darjeeling MP, Mr Dawa Narbula and ex-area councillor, none have responded with any kind of financial help. Ravi will perform at Algarah, 11 kilometres from here, on 6 November in a programme organised by an NGO called Himalayan Organization for People Education (HOPE). The fund collected will be handed over to “Abishek Tamang Ko Upacharrath Sayog Kosh”, a fund collection cell specially created for Abishek in City Plaza in Siliguri.

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