Act one, scene two

Statesman News Service
KALIMPONG, Oct. 26. — Bhadrey Ko Toli — a local theatre troupe will be performing their trademark play ‘Ani Bhaley Mungro Runcha’ at the Town Hall on 29 and 30 October. The play, which is a fiction, was conceived by the distinguished Nepalese playwright, Mr CK Shrestra, way back in the mid-seventies.
The troupe has acted he play over a decade all over India including New Delhi, Dehradun and the North-East. The two-day show is organised by Hill Channel. “We are doing the play over commercial grounds after a gap of 17 years. The last time we did it was in the year 1988”, Mr Shrestra said, who is also the troupe leader said.
As a tribute to late Kira Kancha an influential personality of the Bhadrey Ko Toli, the troupe also did the play, last month. “However, during our performance last months we came to know about requests from all quarters to perform it again, so decided to host it again.”
The troupe will also be performing it in Ravangla and Mirik. Ani Bhaley Mungro Runcha, which is a satire is actually based on the adaptability features of the Nepalese throughout the world. “The Nepalese thus, have unique features is easily adapting themselves to the various cultures and tradition in and out of India. This is certainly one of the virtues. However as the end of we seem to be so very engrossed with their culture that we loose our identity”, claimed Mr Shrestra. The protagonist of the play Bhadra Bahadur Lamichaney, who happens to be a father, falls in an awkward situation after having realised that all of his children – who have starting working in the metros – have actually forgotten their culture and tradition. To add to his grief they have now adapted foreign habits. “The troupe also feels that this is relevant to the Nepalese of the modern age”, he said.

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