Total sanitation campaign to improve hygiene

KALIMPONG, Oct. 26. — A “total sanitation campaign” will now try to combat the infrastructure-poor hill district of Darjeeling. In a bid to upgrade the hygiene standards, the “total sanitation campaign” (TSC), was launched here in all the three blocks of the sub-division today. The project jointly sponsored by the Union and the state government, is being implemented under the district rural development cell (DRDC), DGHC. The TSC was announced for all the eight blocks of the hill district at a function held earlier this month.
The project mainly aims to improve the hygiene and living standards at the rural areas. “It not only focuses over building of basic sanitation amenities like toilets and proper drinking facilities, it also deals with all the factors related to health,” Block-I development officer, Mrs Doma Bhutia said speaking at the launch of the project where members of various self-help groups and gram-panchayat pradhan’s were present. “It’s a fact that the rural areas still lack proper and basic amenities,” she said.
The block officials also trained all those present about the basic criterion that needs to be fulfilled. “Most importantly a form has to be filled. This is a demand-driven programme so the project moves forward only after a proper survey,” Mrs Bhutia said.

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