Lone man fights against poor infrastructure

Statesman News Service
KALIMPONG, Nov. 2. — For 65-year-old Major (Dr) TR Takhtar it’s a one-man fight. A senior citizen of Kalimpong and a dental surgeon by profession, Dr Takhtar has taken up more than several issues of public interest to deal with the poor infrastructure of the sub-division.
Ranging from the supply of potable drinking water in town, bad roads, to the need of installation of more street lights and clear pavements, he has, in a series of grievances to the sub-divisional officer, related about it all.
It all starts from the extreme poor road conditions. “The roads in town have assumed the features of moonscape with potholes and craters everywhere. One pertinent example is the East Main Road,” quips Dr Takhtar, a resident of the same area.
The present condition of poorly maintained leaking pipes were also mentioned. “Pipe connections near Kalimpong College leak for more than five hours every time water is released from a reservoir above,” he quipped.
Claiming that he has placed the matter several times to the concerned department of the DGHC he suggested that the entire water department of the DGCH needs to be thoroughly over-hauled.
He feared that the situation will head to bad from worse with an ever increasing population. “These are all serious matters and no one seem to be bothered about it. Besides causing a huge inconvenience this is also reducing our hygiene standards. If ignored the water crisis will come in par to Darjeeling,” he quipped.
He also told about the street lights and how ordinary 60 watt bulbs of every lamp post get fused in a matter of few days as no municipality staffs bothers to switch off the light. “Even the standard of the market that boasts of superior service has not been able to live up to the expectations. So much so that it even lacks a public toilet,” he added.

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