Farmers’ training programme held for better yield

Statesman News Service
KALIMPONG, Nov. 11. — Shifting ways of farming in the hills to modernity, the Indian Potash Limited, a national firm that deals with the agricultural sector, alongside the agricultural department of DGHC, today organised a farmers training programme at the Disha here.
Chief manager of the Indian Potash Ltd, Mr SK Garg, said that the main focus would be a shift to technical farming especially upon the growth of vegetables and fertilizer management.
“We want to teach them the methods by which the yield will be more than the investment,” Mr Garg said. Taking advantage of the opportunity, farmers from all over the sub-division gathered today at the Disha.
Such a training programme is being conducted for the first time in the sub-division of Kalimpong.
A demonstration on management of cash crops such as vegetables, maize, ginger, fertilizers were done. A field demonstration on the collection of soil samples was also done.
“It basically helps us to make out the excess presence or lack of specific minerals in different areas,” he said. Yet a strong initiative in the hills remains to be taken up with the annual fall in the agricultural productivity including that of oranges, large cardamom and ginger — the three major hill cash crops.


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