Child’s play in Hills

Kalimpong, Nov. 27: A non-government organisation, World Vision, is running a child development programme in different villages of the subdivision and South Sikkim.
“We are holding various competitions related to sports and education to sharpen the talent of the rural children,” said Yongden Rongon, coordinator of the project titled Talent Development Programme for Children. “Such activities boost the confidence of the children and help in their overall development.”

Rongon added that the activities include football, debates, quiz, drawing and essay writing competitions and cultural programmes.

The programme covers children aged between six and 19, said Rongon. “We are giving more emphasis on teenagers so they do not get hooked on addiction and alcoholism,” said Rongon.

So far, it has been implemented in eight villages of different gram panchayats in the subdivision, like Sangse, Bhalukhop, Bimbong, Tashiding, and also in villages of gram panchayats of South Sikkim, such as Turuk, Sadam, Mallidara and Langchuk.

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