Opp seeks Kalam’s intervention in Hills

Statesman News Service
KALIMPONG, Dec. 18. — Urging the President of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, to intervene to restrain the GNLF from committing “undemocratic acts and political terrorism” the Gorkha Janakranti Morcha (GJM) — a hill opposition party — claimed that the GNLF is a “disgrace and a deplorable plot” in democracy.
Apprising Mr Kalam about the latest political scene the GJM have voiced their concerns alleging of ‘high handedness’, by the GNLF chief Mr Subash Ghisingh, the GJM has requested him to initiate immediate steps for the restoration of democracy in the ‘queen of the hills’.
Using terms like ‘extreme cruelty, coercion, bloodshed’, the GJM in its requisition to the president has cited out five instances where the GNLF has allegedly threatened the public and hill opposition leaders in broad daylight.
“Pointing Khukuris (a traditional Nepalese knife like weapon) the GNLF cadres go rampage with cruelty and violence, physically assaulting opposition and their supporters illegally debarring them from holding public meetings and deliberately snatching the right to speech”, GJM president Mr KK Dewan said.
Referring to the latest threat by Mr Ghisingh to Opposition leaders and media in his public address on 11 December in Darjeeling, Mr Dewan, has intimated him (the President) about the ground realities alleging of mess made of the political and constitutional right of the people by GNLF.
“The most objectionable part of his provocative statement is that he is inciting his cadres to carry out armed attack against those who oppose him in principle”, he said adding ‘Furthermore, the utter negligence and passive attitude of the state administrative on such helpless plight of opposition parties to come into action has continuously heightened the moral of the criminal politicians and cadres of GNLF due to which the hill people are persistently suppressed under the dictates of virtual dictator all through the tenure of Mr Ghisingh as the chairman of DGHC.”
The copies of the memorandum have also been forwarded to the prime minister, Union home minister, and also to the chief minister and governor of West Bengal.

Five instances of alleged assaults by the GNLF:
g In the month of August 2005, the P.D.F. leaders and cadres were assaulted physically with lethal arms causing many injured and damaging many vehicles on their way to hold a public meeting at Bijanbari.
g On 6th March 2003, G.N.L.F. (C) members were attacked by G.N.L.F. cadres with Khukuris and other arms while addressing a public meeting at Teesta Bazar.
g On 19th January 2005, Gorkha Janakranti Morcha was illegally debarred from holding a public meeting at Damber Chowk in Kalimpong by GNLF cadres.
g On 9th April 2005, a GNLF. cadre from Pedong, publicly threatened to slay Mr. K.K. Dewan and Mr. Kumar Chamling of G.J.M. in a public meeting at Kagey High School’s play ground.
g On 9th December 2005, GNLF cadres attacked leaders of CPI (M) and CPRM while holding a public meeting at Kalijhora.


One thought on “Opp seeks Kalam’s intervention in Hills


    What a shame to know how our own brothers are after their own blood. The history of the world repeatedly shows the misery of innocent people in so called ideological, religious, and political revolutions. However, these illiterate, violent, and unworthy volunteers of these political parties have learned nothing. Instead, in the interest of the party they have severely weakened our society and left a never ending socio-political and cultural scare to the ever smiling and beautiful hills of Darjeeling.

    Wake up beautiful Darjeeling! Queen of the hills.


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