So it is Christmas…

Statesman News Service
KALIMPONG, Dec. 19. — Christmas is here, so are the celebrations. And to begin with, we have the Air Carol Fest (AFC).
The one-day fiesta to be held tomorrow will be a unique event with participants from diverse religious backgrounds.
“ A rally with people from different parts of the sub division will be participating in the thoroughfare of the town in the morning with people singing Christmas songs and carols”, chief coordinator of AFC Mr Paul Prakash said.
The rally will be lead by the big jolly man with his trademark white beard: in other words the Santa Claus.
“Santa Claus will also be seen distributing sweets to the children”, Mr Prakash said. With sundown the carol singing will be entertaining the people. Christian preaching’ s by senior church members will also be done at the Damber Chowk. The funds for this program is being contributed by the different church themselves.
The AFC, an annual celebration for the past three years is being organized jointly by the different churches. The main aim is to create the festive mood. “ This day will also mark the start of carol singing here”, Mr Prakash said adding “With continuous efforts we have been able to present the AFC as a celebration with participation by people from other religions communities who have really enjoyed the carol singing in the program. The program is for everyone to enjoy and get into the Christmas spirit which is spreading the message of peace, harmony and love”.
Decorations of the program have already started from today with Christmas trees being put in different parts of the town.


One thought on “So it is Christmas…

  1. Eleanor Mukhia Mazzucco

    Merry Christmas to all Kalimongites from far away Canada.
    I do miss home at this speciai time and I have fond memories of Christmas celebration with family and friends so long ago. I am delighted that now it is celebrated joyously with a big participation from other religious groups as well.
    Love came down at Christmas.
    Love so lovely love divine.
    Love was born at Christmas.
    Star and angels gave the sign.


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