Ghisingh reappears after four years!

Statesman News Service
KALIMPONG, Dec. 21 — It was a pleasant surprise for GNLF supporters and leaders when their party supremo Mr Subash Ghisingh visited Kalimpong today after four years.
The last time Mr Ghisingh visited Kalimpong officially was during the Magey Mela at Beni in December 2001.
Just as he arrived here around 11 a.m. today, the GNLF supremo headed straight to the new reservoir built by the DGHC at Deorali Dara. There, Mr Ghisingh was seem instructing senior GNLF leaders about beautification of the area.
Reluctant to speak to the press, Mr Ghisingh claimed he was here to oversee the functioning of DGHC departments.
For some ex-councillors, their supremo’s visit was unexpected. After an hour’s halt Mr Ghisingh’s convoy, with three vehicles in the front and 10 following his car, headed for Beni, where a DGHC tourist resort is coming up.
Some Opposition leaders were critical of Mr Ghisingh’s long absence from Kalimpong. ”Though very much a part of the DGHC, this place has been neglected by Mr Ghisingh. Make no mistake that it is the third most important town in the Hills after Darjeeling and Kurseong”, GNLF(C) chief convener, Col (retd) DK Pradhan said.
Political observers felt Mr Ghisingh’s supposed unwillingness to visit Kalimpong is due to his bitter experiences with his aides-turned-adversaries like Chhatrey Subba and CK Pradhan. Chhatre Subba, who was once Mr Ghisingh’s bodyguard, broke away from the GNLF following a reported difference during the signing of the DGHC accord in 1988.
CK Pradhan, a one-time GNLF heavyweight, was sidelined in the party for unknown reasons. He was on the verge of forming a party prior to his assassination in October 2002.
“Kalimpong remains neglected even after all the heroic contributions and sacrifices it made during the GNLF agitation”, GNLF(C) leader Mr Norden Lama added.

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