Dump shift demand


Kalimpong, Jan. 22: The garbage dump in Bhalukhop, near here, is fast becoming a health hazard and is posing problems for residents living in the hundred-odd houses nearby.

“Time and again we have complained to the civic authorities about the problems caused by the dumping of garbage near our houses. But till date there has been no response from them. The dumping ground needs to be shifted from here immediately,” said Yogendra Ghatani, a resident of the area.

Echoing his words, Pragatishil Samaj president Prem Bahadur Tamang said: “Four villages in the area are being affected by the garbage dump. Children in these villages are falling ill because of the dump. Moreover, the waste is burnt throughout the day and the fire has sometimes spread to residential areas. In the rainy season, the water accumulating at the waste disposal site affects the foundations of our houses.”

Pragatishil Samaj is a body of villagers engaged in various welfare activities.

Members of the civic body admitted that the dumping ground at Bhalukhop was posing health hazards. They even conceded that the system of waste management in the town was “inadequate and primitive”.

According to civic chief C.K. Kumai, the municipal area generates 25 tonnes of solid waste per day, but the civic authorities are able to collect only 16 tonnes, as there is only one truck and one tractor for the entire area.

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