Kpg funnies??

We all know that Kalimpongeys have this special undefinable brand of humor!!

Here are some examples… btw, if you don’t get them.. nothing I can do! Sorry. πŸ˜‰

New meaning # 1
Condolence- Hi-tech eyewear for your arse !!!

New meaning # 2
Chuiyamaha haha haha Chuiyamaha !!
Tamang dude on a Jap bike laughing away to glory !!!

New meaning # 3
What hairdo? – Kharayo le ke garcha ?

New meaning # 4
Bombastic: Bombasty ko jumra !!!

New meaning # 6
Adidas: it’s when you cut Narayan Das in half !!!

New meaning # 8
Karaoke: Gari thikai cha ??

New meaning # 9
Meaning: Mero naam Ning !!

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