15th August 2005 – A Glimpse

Some pictures from the 2005 Independence Day Celebrations, Mela Ground, Kalimpong.

Pictures by Romong K Lepcha.


 -Bagpipers from SUMI

 kalimpong - bagpipes - SUMI


– Dr. Graham’s Homes – Flag Bearer
kalimpong - mela ground - dgh 


– Lepchas in traditional costume

kalimpong - lepchas


 – Traditional Dancers
kalimpong - independence day - mela ground 


– Salute
kalimpong - mela ground 


 – Patriotic Kurta
kalimpong - mela ground - independence day 


4 thoughts on “15th August 2005 – A Glimpse

  1. Lovanna

    Whoever put up these pictures…Thanks! Good Job Romong. Being Paryatak or whatever in Kalimpong…must be good for you! Aachuley! I wish the Rong girl in the “Traditional Dancers” was smiling though.


  2. upahar

    The pics are amazing,but would love to see a nepali full lenght costumed keta/keti.i’m sure one must had put the dress,it would be even better. but still thanx for the pics.


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