Tolly star in town for new flick- Winner’s take at hills and tourism

Kalimpong, May 14: The poster-boy of popular Bengali cinema, Jeet, is here to essay the role of a woman-hater in Prabhat Roy’s film Priyatama.

The irony of the movie is evident in the title (Priyatama means beloved in Bengali), which is rather unusual for a film having a woman-hater as the main protagonist. There is, however, nothing paradoxical about the star’s name, as he has been a winner all the way.

“Both my releases this year have done well. The year has started smoothly for the Bengali film industry (popularly known as Tollywood),” said Jeet when The Telegraph talked to him on the sidelines of a film shoot at the picturesque locale of the Golf Club here today.

The actor and the film crew, including Roy and co-star Swastika, arrived here yesterday to shoot for their new film. Over the next three days, the Priyatama unit expects to film some scenes and a song before returning to base in Calcutta.

“This is my fourth visit to Kalimpong. I have been here before to shoot for Sathihara, Manik and Amar Maer Sapath. People out here are very good. They are well-behaved, very affectionate and warm,” said the handsome actor, who was sporting a two-day-old stubble.

Asked if he did not regret the absence of the hordes of hysteric fans during the film shoot here, the actor of Sindhi stock said it was okay with him, reasoning that not too many people here watched Bengali films. “However, if this happened in Calcutta, I would have been worried sick,” he laughed, adding candidly: “I enjoy being mobbed, I enjoy receiving the love and affection of so many people.”

On a more serious note, Jeet said tourism authorities of north Bengal and Sikkim must look to fully exploit the tourism potential of the area.

“Lava, Lolegaon and Chhangu Lake (in Sikkim) have come up in a big way, but more virgin spots need to be developed to attract tourists from within the country and abroad,” he said.


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