Set to mark time, again


Kalimpong, Aug. 31: After lying mute for years, the clock atop the Raja Dorjay tower at Kumudini Homes here is all set to chime again.

Kumudini Pariwar, the school’s alumni association, has decided to pay for the restoration, nearly two months after The Telegraph published a report on the two long-defunct clocks of the town. The other clock is atop Georgina McDermot Memorial Tower at Dr Graham’s Homes.

The association will meet soon to work on the project, but the preliminary estimate for the restoration is Rs 2 lakh. “We will organise a concert in between Dasai and Tihar (Puja and Diwali) to raise funds,” said Gaulan Lepcha, local MLA and an alumnus of Kumudini. He will make a guest appearance at the concert with his band, Unitarians.

While the 99-year-old clock at Dr Graham’s Homes was damaged in the 1968 earthquake, the exact year in which the clock at Kumudini (in picture by Chinlop Fudong Lepcha) stopped chiming is not known.

“When the British went, they left behind the clocks, but seemed to have taken along the admirable virtue of punctuality with them,” said Lepcha, who promised to contribute from the MLA fund.

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