Some information and a special message to all readers of kalimpong.info from HANDS.
Please read and help their noble effort. Contribute generously.
Thank You

HANDS, an organization to spread awareness on HIV/AIDS and tackle the explosive rise in drug abuse in Kalimpong subdivision was started in June 2006 by a group of prominent citizens of Kalimpong.

The main objectives of HANDS are:-

  • To organize training facilities , seminars and workshops in order to disseminate information on AIDS and drug abuse as a part of adult education programmes.
  • To organize training facilities , seminars and workshops in order to disseminate information on AIDS and drug abuse as a part of school AIDS and drug abuse education programme.
  • To provide counseling to drug/alcohol addicts and their families in order to help them deal with their addiction.
  • To conduct therapeutic input sessions among the addicts.
  • To conduct outreach programmes, i.e. to reach addicts at their homes and streets in order to bring them to the day care centre.
  • In the long term, to set up a Rehabilition Centre at Kalimpong where addicts from the subdivision may obtain treatment at the most affordable rates.

HANDS in the few months of its existence has scored a number of successes with regard to the above goals:-

  • The HANDS team has conducted awareness lectures in a number of schools at Kalimpong. This is an ongoing programme.
  • Outreach programme conducted by HANDS has brought in almost 20 drug abusers to the day care centre to receive counseling and therapeutic input session.
  • Adult education on AIDS and drug abuse is being pursued vigorously.
  • Most importantly, realizing the absolute necessity of an organization such as HANDS in Kalimpong, the MLA, Mr Gaulan Lepcha has decided to hand over the Rehabilitation Centre at 4th Mile, Kalimpong to HANDS as and when it is complete. The HANDS team visited the site a month ago and was pleasantly surprised to see the ground floor of the structure was already complete and consisted of 5 rooms. The Centre also has a small compound around it.

The members of HANDS are:

  • Mrs. Sharda Mukhia – Owner, David Gas and Bethlehem Lodge
  • Mr. Amod Yonzone – Owner, Park Hotel
  • Drs. Salomi and Sangay Zimba – Medical Practitioners
  • Wg Cdr Prafulla Rao (retd)- Owner, Odyssey Internet Cafe
  • Mr. Sandip Jain – Owner, Himalayan Stores
  • Mr. Nereus Mukhia of David Gas
  • Mrs. Pratistha Pradhan of Everest Nursery
  • Mrs. Zorami Vuite – Social Worker.

Whereas HANDS is already committed to the above goals and has made tangible progress in the few months of its existence, it is critically short of funds. For example, having been assured of handing over charge of the Rehabilition Centre at 4th Mile, Kalimpong by the MLA in the near future, we desperately need at least Rs 4-5 lakhs to furnish the place, to get staff and so on, in order for the place to start functioning as a Rehab Centre. Till that happens, many young addicts from Kalimpong will continue to languish because treatment outside Kalimpong is expensive and unaffordable to many.

We at HANDS appeal to you to help us help these people. Please donate towards this cause. Those interested in charitable donations may contact the administrator of this website (at admin @ kalimpong.info) for further details.

Thank you.



  1. Swaroop K Rai Charmling

    I have pledged my support in any which way I can and am keping in contact with Janice bahini regarding this. I am very happy to see such a worthwhile cause being initiated by some noble people, it can only be good for the future of our young and upcoming generations. So, along with my support, I wish you all the very best and may God also be with you all the way.


    Swaroop burho.


  2. Tashi Dolkar ( EX JOSEPHITE)!

    To the group who started HANDS “THANK” you for taking the initiative.I 100% support this cause and would be more than willing to help in any way.
    More information on how to transfer funds etc would be great.Also if there was a website just for HANDS i could ask more of my “American” freind’s to visit and support the cause.
    please keep me updated. Anything for dear Kalimpong.


  3. janice

    Dear Tashi, how are you. Hope all is well.

    Thank you so very much for your generosity. HANDS will be working to put up a website (hopefully soon) with an electronic money transfer option for prospective donors. So, if you’d like to wait till the logistics have been worked out that will be fine too. The bottom line is, whatever is convenient for you, will work for them.

    Will keep you updated with new developments.

    take care and thanks once again.




  4. Hi madam,
    I m from Relliroad presently workingin Bangalore,through Jitendra your neighbour,I came to know about your marvellous work for the drug abusers.I salute peoplelike you.


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