Darjeeling Fire: Relief Fund Drive – Update 1

Dear Visitors,

We started with this fund raising campaign on Feb 7th and I am very pleased and grateful to report that, after just one week, we have reached 44% of our goal. There has been an outpouring of support from individuals around the world. Even more amazing and heartwarming is the fact that a number of the contributors do not even have a direct connection with Darjeeling!

Th contributions add up to US $447.00 so far. In just a week!! This makes me very optimistic that our goal of $1000 will be reached by March 9th. Again, I would like to thank the contributors and ask those who are still hesitating to not think twice but just go ahead and click on the button. It will be a small sum for you but it will mean a lot for the recipients.

Here is the current list of contributors, in reverse chronological order:

Prateek Subba
Janice Basnet
Dhiraj and Janelle Basnet
Suman Goshai, Samden Lama, Binay Kshettri
Pratibha Manandhar
Sunil Piya
Poonam Pradhan
George David
Francesca Forrest
Scott Griffiths
Nirnay Chettri
Vejoya Hazarika
Sanjeev Durral
Sudhir Voleti
Dipankar Subba
Anuj Pradhan

A big THANK YOU to all.

Thank you for the contributions and now I will ask you to help in another way: by spreading the word. Please let people in your network or social circles know about the devastating fire and this fund raising effort. If you have a website or a blog you can post the “ChipIn” widget on the site. or just send them the link.

And for those who just came across this: We are trying to raise funds for the families affected by the fire is darjeeling earlier this month. Please read this for more information. You can help by contributing. It is very very easy to contribute. All you need to do is click on the “Chip In” button below and contribute safely and securely using your Credit Card or through PayPal.

Please help out. A few bucks here or there will make a huge difference. We have a target of $1000 that we have to achieve by March 9th. We are almost halfway there.


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2 thoughts on “Darjeeling Fire: Relief Fund Drive – Update 1

  1. samit

    hi guys, i went through this column n i really appreciate the thing which you people are up to. I encouraged all people from darjeeling to come forward n lend their hands to the needy people.


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