Darjeeling Fire: Relief Fund Drive – Update 2

Dear Visitors and Readers,

It gives me tremendous pleasure to inform you that on February 17th we reached AND exceeded the target amount for this fund drive!!! So far we have collectively raised $1020. This is wonderful!! We’d expected to take a full month to raise the amount but we managed that in just 10 days. A big round of applause and a HUGE Thank You to all those who contributed and helped and supported in different other ways. You guys are fantastic.

Anyway, since we had originally planned for the drive to continue till the 9th of March we have decided that we would let it go on till then, even though the target has been achieved. So any contributions from this point on is just a bonus. So if you haven’t had a chance to chip in yet, or if you have friends on your list who haven’t had a chance to chip in yet, it’s not too late. It will be possible to contribute till the 9th of March. So let’s see how much more we can collect by that date.

Here is the current list of contributors:

Archana Pradhan
Som Dasgupta
Anuja Limbu
Nitesh Subba
Jyoti Rai
Subarna Ranjit
Prateek Subba
Janice Basnet
Dhiraj and Janelle Basnet
Suman Goshai, Samden Lama, Binay Kshettri
Pratibha Manandhar
Sunil Piya
Poonam Pradhan
George David
Francesca Forrest
Scott Griffiths
Nirnay Chettri – MARG
Vejoya Hazarika
Sanjeev Durral
Sudhir Voleti
Dipankar Subba
Anuj Pradhan

And here are some comments from some of the contributors:

Hi, Glad to help. I am an original Kalimpong boy! Grew up near Durpin Dara (near Morgan House). I live in New York now. So happy to see the website!

* February 17 9:35am
* Som Dasgupta

God help the people who suffered….Prayers & Wishes…!!

* February 16 2:17pm
* Jyoti Rai

My prayers are with the families that were affected by this disaster. Janice (Florida, USA)

* February 12 9:28am
* janice basnet

Good Luck.

* February 10 5:14am
* Janelle Basnet

I am very sorry for the sad loss. Though the loss is irrecoverable we can always stand united for the cause of humanity.Keep up the good work.

* February 9 12:00pm
* Poonam Pradhan

I read about your family’s misfortune on Patricia Perkins Live Journal blog. Trish’s friends have enjoyed hearing about the hospitaly she received in Darjeeling, particularly through the Rotary Club. As a result, I’m glad to lend a helping hand in a difficult time. Best wishes from my family to yours and to their neighbors.

* February 8 9:07am
* Scott Griffiths

Good Job!Please help those people.

* February 7 1:46pm
* Sanjeev Durral

Thank you once again to everyone for the contributions and support. Again, we are not closed yet!! So if you wanna contribute and haven’t done so, please go ahead and contribute. Every bit counts. Seriously, even $5 is gonna make a difference. No amount is too small.


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