Positive course


Kalimpong, March 29: St Augustine’s School here has been conducting a special corporate-style motivation course for its Class X students with lessons in positive thinking and proper planning in an effort to optimise their potentials.

The two-week “Positive Thinking and Confidence-Building Programme” ends on Saturday and is being conducted by local consultant Neel Kamal Chettri. “The idea is to motivate the students,” said Father L. Monteiro, the school principal.

2 thoughts on “Positive course

  1. Kiran Rizal

    It is nice to know that a local consultant Mr. Neel Kamal Chettri has conducted Positive thinking programme in St Augustine’s School for the betterment of students. I hope other Schools located in kalimpong will also take the services of Mr.Chettri for positive thinking sessions in their school.No, Iam not promoting Mr. Chettri, neither I have heard his speech but my point is that instead of making it one off programme, its better if all the educational Institute participate in such exercise, so that the entire generation of Kalimpong gets benefitted and grows with positive thinking.


  2. G Mathews

    If I am not wrong Mr NeelKamal Chettri is an ex Sasonian.The Power of Positive thinking is what the students need specially in this era of Competition. Well done Neel Kamal.Keep up the good work.


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