Month-end date for hill rebel party

Kalimpong, Oct. 15: The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) will formally launch its Kalimpong unit after a public rally here on October 31.

A 53-member working committee has been formed to oversee the preparations for the rally. The members of the committee come from diverse backgrounds, but all of them are united in their opposition to the GNLF and the Sixth Schedule and are one with GJM president Bimal Gurung on the Gorkhaland issue.

Gurung had formed the GJM earlier this month after he was expelled from the GNLF for anti-party activities.

The committee, which will automatically stand dissolved after the formation of the GJM’s Kalimpong unit, was formed at a meeting here yesterday. Prominent among the members of the committee are columnist Harka Bahadur Chettri, an independent councillor of Kalimpong Municipality Bijay Sundas, Kalyan Dewan and D. Subba.

Sundas, who is also an executive member of GJM, said the party has been getting overwhelming response from all corners of the subdivision. “We are taking our time in launching the local unit, because we are extra careful about getting the right persons at the forefront,” he said.

Though GJM sympathisers are not willing to go on record, but the public meeting is expected to be attended by Gurung himself.

The local GNLF unit has so far put up a united front and has solidly stood behind Subash Ghisingh. “Try as he may, Gurung will fail to make any impact here. Kalimpong is not Darjeeling,” said a senior GNLF leader here.

3 thoughts on “Month-end date for hill rebel party

  1. aakant

    It is Very Nice to Know that Finally some one has take the responsibility to support and demand for the separate state of Gorkhaland (WITH IN THE INDIAN UNION)and to end the GNLF’s “Dadagiri”
    Though Who so ever take the issue it doesn’t matter what matter is the Gorkhaland which is our people’s dream, aspiration & need of the time Now India As a whole is on the peak of its development in every sector there is development But Darjeeling Tea Its Condition is ruined Day By Day in last 15 year numbers of Tea Garden were Shut down Tea Garden in Darjeeling Is the Back Bone for our rural Economic all this facts known to all the GNLF leaders. But they are doing nothing and they are busy with their Dadagiri policy which is not good for the country, State &community as well so to stop this vandalism we must support some one who studs against them and unconditionally demand for the Gorkhaland
    In our Past there were other leaders who raise the voice against the GNLF they are Chattra Subba, Late C K Pradhan and many more but they Failed due to the public support Now this time Mr. Bimal Gurung is there to lead the community to the demand for the Gorkhaland Support Him Only For the Gorkhaland Not for any other issue other political issues like 6th Sedhuled this, that is of all political tool of the center and the state to suppress the Demand for the Gorkhaland
    Our Agenda, Our motto, Our Dream, Our Aspiration, Our feeling, our goal or our soul or whatever you called it is the GORKHALAND
    Jai Gorkha
    Jai Gorkhaland


  2. Krishna Roka

    Remember Sunday 27th of July 1986 – Kalimpong massacre … the main instigator of this massacre Subash Gheising was living in comfort and is still living in comfort. Because of this massacre at Kalimpong the agitation became intense.The Government of India hushed up corrupting Subhash Gheising to betray specially the people of Kalimpong . Now let me appeal to my beloved Kalimpong folks and respected Bimal Gurung that the only best way for the progress of Kalimpong is to merge with the State of Sikkim . Lets be more practical and logical . Let Subash Gheising and his
    Darjeeling keep on dreaming of nonsense.


  3. Spydermann

    Now I feel as if democracy is returning to the hills…join the wave of a new revolution people ride with the wind…jai Gorkhaland…


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