Hamro Kalebung – A song for Kalimpong

A wonderful song for Kalimpong.

Hamro Kalebung


(edit: Album – Heroes. Presented by S.U.M.I. Alumni)

Lyrics: Tulsi Ghimirey
Composition: Sachin Singh

Unfortunately that’s all the information I have about this track. I would greatly appreciate any more information about the song and the artists. Please drop me a line, or leave a comment if you happen to know more.

p.s. Thanks to “Thuli” Di and “Rasta” Daju for the audio file and the information. 😉
p.p.s. Thanks to Navin too..

Update (Mar 23, 11:52pm):
Thanks to Navin for providing us with the information about this song in the comments.

Vocalist: Sachin Singh
Chorus by “Heroes”

Live instruments-
Lead Guitar: Deepak Thapa,
Rhythm Guitar: Sachin Singh,
Bass Guitar: Anup Das,
Flute: JB Lama,
Saxophone: Amul Karki Dhali,
Tabla,Dholak & Madal: Kumar Singh aka “Maharaj”,
Group Violin: Norbu Tshering & Group
Sarangi: Shyam Nepali

Recorded and mixed by Mitra Lama
Recorded at Sangam Digital Recording Studio, Kathmandu, Nepal


8 thoughts on “Hamro Kalebung – A song for Kalimpong

  1. Navin

    Well, let me go on details as per album: Vocalist is Sachin Singh & Chorus by “Heroes” and the live instruments played by Lead Guitar: Deepak Thapa,Rythm Guitar: Sachin Singh,Bass Guitar:Anup Das,Flute:JB Lama, Saxophone:Amul Karki Dhali, Tabla,Dholak & Madal by Kumar Singh aka “Maharaj”, Group Violin:Norbu Tshering & Group & Sarangi by Shyam Nepali
    Recorded and mixed by Mitra Lama & Recorded at Sangam Digital Recording Studio,Katmandu, Nepal


  2. Arjun

    It is really great to hear the song of Kalimpong. It is nice compose. I hope, in future we can hear more this kind of song and remember the home town. Thanks
    Arjun Mahat


  3. Praksh Biswakarma

    Its superb to hear such a nice song
    hopeing for the similer kind of work in future.

    Prakash Biswakarma
    New Delhi


  4. safique ahmed

    Hi there!!
    nice song that u have put here i relly miss home being here in this foreign place. Well but i gotta admit that this song relly makes us miss home.. u guys better get this song on you tube so that well all frens abroad can hear the song and send it to our friends on life… thanks for the piece.


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