Some (not-so-new) Photographs

Dear Readers,

I must apologize for being so lax in posting more recent photographs. I have been sitting on a set of photographs that were taken in April 2007 and didn’t get around to posting them until now.

Anyway, here they are:

You can view (and comment upon) these photographs at the following link:



4 thoughts on “Some (not-so-new) Photographs

  1. thomas

    most of the photos seem to have been taken from the maa super market area and also some from the tri cone park area and the photos are taken without any aesthetic sense . if you want to project kalimpong in that light then you should know tourists who would like to go there would think and also all the kpg people who are living outside who would like to get a glimpse of thier home town would think .only the photo of macfarlane from maa supermarket good rest were…


  2. HI Thomas –

    Thank you for your comment and your critique.

    You have correctly recognized the locations from where the photographs were taken. Good job. 😀

    Regarding your view on the aesthetics.. These photographs were not taken (or posted) with aesthetics in mind. Rather, I was hoping to satisfy the innate hunger of the Kalimpong diaspora to “see” Kalimpong. Personally, every photograph of the town is like a gift to me.. and I eagerly scan it in minute detail, looking to see if I can either recognize faces, or see what changes have taken place etc etc. And it is for this express purpose that I try to post most of the Kalimpong pictures. You see this site is mainly maintained for Kalimpongeys… And if a prospective visitor stumbles upon it and gains information, then that’s a bonus.

    As for the prospective tourists being put off by the pictures.. I do not think that would be the case. Kalimpong’s charm is itself.. and the photos should speak to the prospective visitors directly.

    Anyway, hopefully I’ll also be able to put up photographs that are more aesthetic. someday… 🙂

    In the meanwhile, photographic contributions are highly encouraged.. 😀




  3. thomas

    yes, i too have that “innate hunger” to see photos of kalimpong where ever i can get it from, whether it be thru or any other means.i am a kalmpongey and come only once or twice a year and staying in a city i love to picture the memories of kalimpong in my mind which brings a lot of peace into my mind. even the memory of walking in the haat bazaar on a saturday brings solace and your idea of kalimpong(in this photo sequence) seems to be limited to the main road or’van’ road’ i think there is much more in kpg than just the main road and mesh of elctrical wires.
    for me a kalimpongey, i simply could not connect with the photos except the ones i mentioned earlier.


  4. Hi again Thomas..

    I understand that you feel that the above photographs are not representative of Kalimpong, and you are obviously correct in thinking so. After all it is just one set of photographs taken from one location in a span of a few minutes. I hope you didn’t assume from this album that this site would only think of Kalimpong as centered around Main Road. There is undoubtedly, like you said “much more in kpg than just the main road and mesh of electrical wires.”

    Unfortunately, at the moment this is all I have. So hope this’ll slake your thirst a little. And if I get more, I will post more. If you visit Kalimpong once a twice a year then you can surely appreciate how it must be for someone who visits once in 2 years or so. 😦

    In the meanwhile, on your next trip, why don’t you take advantage of being in Kpg and share your pictures with us as well. I’d be glad to feature (or host) your photographs here to share with all Kalimpongeys near and far. 😀




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