File scan at hill council offices Kalimpong, March 24: The Darjeeling district administration bowed to persistent demands of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha and allowed representatives of political parties to accompany inspection teams that visited DGHC offices in Kalimpong today to prepare an inventory of all files and official documents housed there. Flouting government norms, district magistrate Rajesh Pandey gave in …

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Some (not-so-new) Photographs

Dear Readers, I must apologize for being so lax in posting more recent photographs. I have been sitting on a set of photographs that were taken in April 2007 and didn't get around to posting them until now. Anyway, here they are: You can view (and comment upon) these photographs at the following link:

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Hamro Kalebung – A song for Kalimpong

A wonderful song for Kalimpong. Hamro Kalebung [audio:Hamro_Kalebung.mp3] (edit: Album - Heroes. Presented by S.U.M.I. Alumni) Lyrics: Tulsi Ghimirey Composition: Sachin Singh Unfortunately that's all the information I have about this track. I would greatly appreciate any more information about the song and the artists. Please drop me a line, or leave a comment if …

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SUMI – Dr. Sonam Wangyal

- Dr. Sonam B. WangyalWhen the Scottish Universities Mission (SUM) was formed it was decided that Sikkim would be its field of operation. Keeping that in perspective Reverent Macfarlane was sent to Kalimpong, as the first SUM missionary, to start a training school for teachers and catechists who would later go to Sikkim and spread …

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