“Save the Hills” committee established as first step towards registration

Kalimpong, 21st September

Himalayan Darpan
(Translated, with date corrections)

A meeting was held today in the Ram Krishna Ranga Manch to discuss the registration of “Save the Hills” (STH), a year-old NGO that had been established to work for the safety and protection of the environment.

To facilitate the registration process an executive committee was also established with Retd, Wind Cdr. Praful Rao as President, Mr. Bharat Mani Pradhan as General Secretary, and Mr. A. K. Pradhan as Treasurer. The current state of the organization’s efforts in environmental protection, specifically landslide protection and mitigation, was also discussed in the meeting.

Further discussions were held regarding the participation of STH in the upcoming visit of the eminent Polish geomorphologist Dr. Leszek Starkel, who will be studying the Ambootia T. E. landslide in Kurseong, and will also be addressing a workshop in Darjeeling on the 24th of November. Since this workshop will have attendees from Darjeeling, Kurseong and Sikkim, it was decided that the venue would be an opportunity to setup branches of STH in these locations.

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