Morcha plans conduct code

The Telegraph

Kalimpong, Oct. 27: The central committee of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha has suggested the setting up of a panel to prepare a code of conduct to ensure discipline in the party and streamline its functioning.

The recommendation that came at the end of a meeting of the 43-member committee at Deolo hills last night will be put up before the party president, Bimal Gurung who could not attend the session. Sources in the central committee said the code of conduct was necessary in order to improve the functioning of the party at various levels.

“In the past, there have been instances where our units at the lower level have organised programmes without taking the central committee into confidence. Once we put the dos and don’ts in place for our different units, it will stop them from taking unilateral decisions,” said a leader.

He added that the code of conduct would also make it mandatory for various units to hold detailed discussions at different levels before arranging for programmes.

“The pros and cons of our action must be discussed threadbare to ensure that they are full proof,” said one of the sources.

The party leaders also felt there was an urgent need to put an end to growing instances of lower rungs directly approaching the party president or the central committee with their grievances, bypassing the units above them.

“Such actions lead to indiscipline. Members felt the party hierarchy must be respected at all times,” said the source.

The central committee has recommended another panel also to prepare and preserve documents like memorandums that the party submits to the governments from time to time.

The central committee members The Telegraph spoke to were happy with the session they had.

“This was the first time that we had actually a chance to speak our minds. Everybody aired their views freely,” said a member from Kalimpong.

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