Kohli gets life for Hannah murder

The Telegraph

London, Nov. 25: Maninder Singh Kohli, who was arrested near Kalimpong in 2004 for the rape and murder of schoolgirl Hannah Foster in England, was sentenced to life imprisonment at Winchester Crown Court today.

Condemning Kohli for the “appalling” kidnap, rape and murder of a petrified teenager, Justice Keith said the crime was aggravated by “Hannah’s vulnerability as a young slip of a girl, the terrible and appalling ordeal which Hannah must have gone through before you killed her, the wanton way you disposed of her body and the unimaginable grief to which you have subjected her family”.

The judge told Kohli, 41, he would have to serve at least 24 years before he was considered for parole.

Kohli, a delivery driver, kidnapped Hannah from near her home in Southampton, Hampshire, in March 2003. After he raped and killed Hannah and dumped her body, he fled to India.

He assumed a new identity and “married” a Nepali woman but the publicity given to several trips to India by Hannah’s parents, Trevor and Hilary Foster, led to his arrest.

He fought a long extradition battle before he was sent to Britain to face trial last year. Today, the jury returned a unanimous guilty verdict.

The judge praised Hannah’s family for the dignity with which they conducted themselves through the trial and offered his condolences.

3 thoughts on “Kohli gets life for Hannah murder

  1. S K Rai

    I had read about Hannah’s case in the local newspaper in UK and also watched it on TV news prior to coming to Kalimpong on a short visit in 2004. I have had a mixed feeling of Maninder Pal Sigh being apprehanded since he had absconded to india, where it would be much like trying to find a needle in a haystack. However, to my utter surprise, he was caught and brought to Kalimpong Jail from Matigarah whilst I was still there but didn’t know it was really him as I hadn’t had the opportunity to see him face to face. The good thing is justice has been done at last. Quite surprise to know how easily he made people in Kalimpong to believe that he was a doctor and even got away marrying a Nepali woman. Moral of the story “EVERYTHING THAT SHINES IS NOT GOLD”.


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