Dear Readers

Yesterday I had the express privilege and pleasure of meeting not just one but two important Kalimpong personalities. Please allow me to introduce Ms. Monila De and Mr. Wangchuk Basi.

Ms. De is an eminent literary figure and a veritable storehouse of Kalimpong stories and anecdotes. She has lived through Kalimpong’s chequered past and has first hand accounts of the colorful personalities and events from the times gone by. We are very lucky that she has graciously agreed to supply with some of her essays and musings. I’m sure all our readers will eagerly await her writings.

Mr. Wangchuk Basi is one of Kalimpong’s stalwarts, ever conscientiously toiling for the common causes and for the greater good of Kalimpong and her denizens. His observations and musings on paper, or sms, are well appreciated by his social circle for their wit and incisiveness. And we are lucky that Mr. Basi has very kindly agreed to share his work with us.

– Admin


3 thoughts on “Introductions…

  1. bik

    I fondly remember Mr. Wanchuk Basi as a wonderful personality and a very passionate teacher in SAS.. If possible, please pass on my regards to him(ICSE93).. I hope to meet him when I get there.


  2. wangchuk basi

    my dear bik,

    thank you for your very kind words. i wish i could remember you with some certainty, but i dont. age and time blurrs many things.suffice it to say that you could not have been one of the naughtier ones in class. they are the ones i remember. it will be a pleasure to meet you again. when you are back in kalimpong please feel free to call on me.


  3. maya

    Mr.Basi popularly known as Basi Sir is a well known figure in Kalimpong.He is a social worker too.His contribution to the site will be invaluable.

    Keep up the good work Basi Sir !!



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