A day spent at Net cafe, barbershop – Jaswant trims campaigning for haircut


Image from http://www.telegraphindia.com
The BJP leader wanted a copy of the ‘famous peck’ clicked by The Telegraph.
The photograph, he said, was ‘international news’

Kalimpong, April 17: The BJP’s candidate for Darjeeling Lok Sabha seat, Jaswant Singh, took a day off the hectic campaigning and used the time to have his hair cut and play a round of golf here today.

Shoppers and shop-owners at the Super Market were pleasantly surprised when Singh and his aides walked into a saloon on the first floor to trim his receding grey tresses.

As the barber worked his scissors and comb, a small but exited crowd gathered outside vying for space to snap Singh on their cameras and cell phones.

Haircut over, the BJP veteran thanked the barber, Ravinder, who received a handsome reward for his effort.

“He (Singh) told me that ‘you have done a good job’ and said he would keep coming back,” said a still-in-daze Ravinder.

Once out, one of his aides escorted Singh to a nearby Internet café to see the photographs hung on its wall.

Pointing to a picture of a monk walking down the darkly-lit stairs of the Tongsa gumba at 10th Mile here, Singh evinced interest in visiting the place. He then engaged the café owner, Praful Rao, a keen photographer and president of Save The Hills, and like Singh, a former soldier, in small talk.

When Rao was explaining the need for preventive action to tackle the problem of landslides, an issue his NGO is actively engaged in, Singh agreed and interjected: “This should have been done yesterday.”

By this time, the onlookers had trooped inside the café and jostled with each other to take their photographs with Singh. The former Union minister gamely posed with them. Unfortunately, no women in the group displayed the cheek to peck the cheek of the veteran leader as an young girl did in Sukna some days back.

The Telegraph photograph of the famous peck seems to have caught the fancy of Singh.

On being introduced to this correspondent, the BJP leader made a request to have a copy of the photograph. When told he could speak directly to the paper’s photographer based in Siliguri, he readily agreed.

Singh dialled the number and told the photographer that picture had become “an international news”.

Later in the evening, the BJP leader drove up to the army golf course at Durpin and putted a few balls. A stifling backache prevented him from going the whole hog at the picturesque nine-hole course.

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