From Save The Hills – Cyclone Aila’s impact on Teesta’s flow volume

Save The Hills blog has a new post with some very disturbing photographs. There are two sets of photographs taken of various views of the Teesta river – one set taken during Cyclone Aila (26 May ’09) and one set taken yesterday (13 June ’09).

The photographs tell a grim story. The difference in water levels between the two dates is scary.. and sobering.

Here’s one pair of photos. The left one shows the water level during Aila.. and it’s almost reached the highway. That’s after just 3 days of rain! Yikes..

2 thoughts on “From Save The Hills – Cyclone Aila’s impact on Teesta’s flow volume

  1. Abdul Salim

    Its nice to know that the Admin has been trying to cover the cyclone aila, Glad to know such a valuable information…the authorities should think that the natural calamities like the Cyclone Aila may come any time in the coming future and if the water reaches the highway,there must be some remedies to overcome if such things takes place. God forbid.

    Thank you Admin for the update.

    Abdul Salim


  2. Respected Mr. Rao,
    After your Seminar Presentation, I bow my head down on two counts:
    1. In reverence to you and the entire team of dedicated workers of Save The Hills for having done such commendable job at the grassroot level, and
    2. On acccount of myself, in shame, that as an academician we are only well versed with the theorotical aspect and have never looked beyond “theories and scientific analysis!!!!!”
    At this juncture I would just like to share one quotation of Thomas A.Kempis who stated “If you are the biggest intellectual giant born but you do not care for others, you are but a dry intellect and remain so. It is not the head, but the heart which is important. The world today is filled with “Educated Heads,” but what we need are “EDUCATED HEARTS.”
    SIR, IN THE MIDST OF ALL THE “EDUCATED HEADS,” YOU TRULY STOOD OUT AS THE ONE WITH AN “EDUCATED HEART.” If I can do any thing for Save The Hill,please let me know as I too want to educate my heart.
    With the highest regards,
    Indira Lepcha nee Lama, NBU


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