Survey in malaria-hit hill block

The Telegraph

Kalimpong, June 25: A survey will be carried out in the Gorubathan block of the Kalimpong subdivision, where 50 people have been affected by malaria.

Sources said the regional malaria director for north Bengal, Tulsi Pramanik, along with a team of experts, will visit the areas hit by the disease and suggest preventive measures.

According to the health department officials, the exercise will be the first of its kind in the area and it will be of immense help in fighting the malaria menace.

The places hit by the disease include Mission Hill, Fagu, Kumai and Gorubathan, located on the foothills bordering the Dooars.

“Malaria occurs in the block pretty much every year. The study will help us in checking the spread of the disease in an area where health facilities are, to say the least, minimal,” said an official.

“Of the 50 patients, 31 have been afflicted by plasmodium falciparum, which is more fatal that plasmodium vivax, the other form of malaria,” said a health official.

All patients are being treated at the Gorubathan Block Primary Health Centre.

The official said a long dry spell after a rainfall might have created a situation conducive for mosquitoes to flourish.

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