Hill girl among 15 chosen beauties

The Telegraph

Lengshong in Kalimpong on Sunday. Picture by D.K. Waiba

Kalimpong, July 26: Lengshong Huang from Kalimpong has charmed her way into the first 15 of the nationwide Fact Universal Teen Pageant that will go on air on a private television channel from August 1.

Organised by the Mumbai-based Fact Enterprises, the auditions for the pageant were held in Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi and Ahmedabad in May. Twenty-six of them were selected and groomed under the watchful eyes of former Miss World Diana Hayden in Mumbai, where the 15 finalist were eventually picked.

The petite Lengshong, who has just cleared her school-leaving examinations, had entered the contest in Calcutta on a lark. “I had gone to Calcutta on a holiday. When I heard about the pageant, I decided to go for the audition,” she told The Telegraph here, while sitting alongside her visibly proud mum Pintsho and a rather reticent father John at their B.L. Dixit Road home here.

Once the episodes of the pageant start going on air on 9X, viewers, Lengshong said, can vote for their favourite contestants. In all, 10 recorded episodes will be telecast. According to the official website of the event, the grand finale will be telecast live, but the date is yet to be announced. It is, however, not clear from the website how the winner will be selected.

However, the website promises that the pageant will be grand in terms of scale, reach, vision and purpose. “The event will be a launch pad for beautiful, talented and aspiring teenage girls across India,” said the organisers. The winner will take home Rs 3 lakh, sponsored gifts and a year’s modelling contract. The second runner-up will receive Rs 2 lakh, gifts and a year’s modelling assignment, while the third runner-up will get Rs 1 lakh and sponsored gifts. Lengshong said barring dancing lessons she has not been doing any extra preparation. “During the grooming lessons in Mumbai, we were taught to walk the ramp and went through dance and gym sessions,” said the 15-year-old, who idolises Sonia Gandhi, Katrina Kaif and her grandmother, but not necessarily in that order.

Only time will tell whether Lengshong will end up as a teen idol, but her mother, it appears, will be the least surprised if it happens. “She has a pleasant personality, carries herself very well and is intelligent,” said Pintsho. A good success recipe, the mother believes.

12 thoughts on “Hill girl among 15 chosen beauties

  1. Kuisang Huang

    Hi Lengshong.
    Wish You all the Best and Make Your family proud.
    Jai Ho Kalimpong.
    Your Appak Kuisang.
    Brooklyn New York


  2. abdul salim

    Kuisang bro….Is Lengshong your daughter?… I hope she will rock the ramp and make kalimpong a proud town by winning in this event….My regards to Meeca Bauju….till then take care


  3. Kuisang

    Abdul Bhai.
    She is my 2nd Bro John daughter. Thanks for your support. By the way I am lost can you refresh my memory, where we met?
    Take care and keep in touch.
    Kuisang (New York)


  4. Abdul Salim

    Kuisang daju remember, we met in Kathmandu when the agitation for Gorkhaland was at its full swing in the year 1986..I remember u stayed in Maan Bhavan in kathmandu and I did work there for few months and you did help me to get a flat in your locality …Meeca Bauju was attending her courses in the Teaching hospital at that time….so i think by now u must have recognised me…. My Id is abdulsalim_786@hotmail.com…. plz do keep in touch

    yours brother


  5. bro

    with due respect I believe John is popularly known as “MOTA” if i am not mistaken, anyway Congrat to his daughter for the achievement…good luck !!


  6. Kuisang

    Hi Abdul.
    I remember now You and other 3 or 4 boys was together. One name I remember is Santi. Glad to know you still remember me. Thanks for your prompt reply.
    By the way where are you now and what are you doing? I hope You know where I am if not I will write you when you reply my email.
    Take care and thanks for writing.
    Your Bro. My email: asianartat@aol.com


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