Case Study by Save The Hills on the landslide situation in Kalimpong, August 2009

Kalimpong has been battered with landslides this year beginning with Cyclone Aila.

Save The Hills has prepared a comprehensive case study with details on various areas of the town that have been affected after the Aug 19th slides.

Please visit the latest STH post for the full write up.

Here’s an image from the site:

… and an excerpt:

1. Meteorological background.

While rainfall data for the months of May, June and July 2009 reveal that the district has had deficient rainfall, what is significant is that rainfall has been extremely erratic.

Thus, despite less precipitation, we have had major landslides this year coinciding with periods of intense, heavy rainfall:-

* 24 May – 27 May 2009 – Cyclone Aila – Resulted in 27 deaths and major destruction in Darjeeling and Kurseong

* 2 July 2009, 112mm of rain (in Kalimpong) – Resulted in some deaths and a large number of landslides in Nimbong (Kalimpong sub-division).

* 15 Aug 2009, 62mm of rain over 18hr period – Resulted in death and destruction in Kurseong and Kalimpong

* 19 Aug 2009, 189.2mm of rainfall in Kalimpong – Resulted in major destruction in and around Kalimpong town and several deaths in Mirik, Kalimpong subdivision and Sikkim.

Historically speaking, most of the major landslides in Darjeeling district have occurred towards the end of the monsoons i.e. when the earth is saturated with water and the trigger for landslides is a burst of high intensity rainfall.

Thus, severe landslides occurred in the district in Sep1899, Oct1968 and Sep2007.

As such the urgent need for preparedness to deal with recurrence of such devastation during Aug-Oct 2009.


One thought on “Case Study by Save The Hills on the landslide situation in Kalimpong, August 2009

  1. Nabin

    Hay guys its very sad to see the disaster in the hills. I will try to raise a relief fund here. every possible way I can to assist you with the relief. so please help me out with the latest detail reports of the casulties, how much Govt offering for the victimise families? how many families are affected? what would be the first respose to this disaster for the family who are affected. As you all know picture speak more than thousand words so please if you could don’t forget to upload the Pictures.
    you can send me your report in this


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