Uniform exams the Morcha way

The Telegraph

Kalimpong, Nov. 17: Around 15,000 prospective Madhyamik and Higher Secondary candidates in the hills were for the first time given uniform questions for the selection examinations that began at 129 schools today.

In the past, the schools framed questions individually or requisitioned those set by the All Bengal Teachers’ Association for the selection examinations. The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha-affiliated Janmukti Secondary Teachers’ Organisation (JSTO), however, decided to do away with that practice from this year and introduced uniform question papers at all the schools in the hills.

The JSTO spokesman, Bhisan Roka, said the heads of the institutions wholeheartedly welcomed the new system when it had been first mooted in July. “Apart from making the examinations more competitive and thereby preparing the students in the hills to face the board examinations better, we are also trying to send a political message that we in the hills are equipped to take care of education on our own.”

“We selected two teachers from each subdivision for every subject to draft the questions. The six sets of question papers were then handed over to a moderator, who framed the final question paper for each subject,” said Roka.


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