GJM to return seized bikes in six months

The Times of India
TNN 28 November 2009, 04:05am IST

DARJEELING: The GJM will maintain a record of the bikes and cellphones seized from students and provided them with a receipt. The seized bikes will be returned after six months though they are still not sure about the fate of the cellphones.

However, before going ahead with the confiscation, as announced on Wednesday in Pedong near Kalimpong by party chief Bimal Gurung, GJM has decided to first counsel students on the ills of using cellphones and bikes.

Gorkhaland Personnel (GLP) commandant, Col (retd) Ramesh Allay, said on Friday that heads of schools and colleges would be asked to counsel students through teachers and professors who are close to them.

“We have not yet started a full-fledged drive to start the seizure of phones and bikes. We will first counsel students, which will be done by teachers and professors,” said Allay. “However, we will keep a close vigil in school and college campuses all the time,” he added.

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