GJMM prohibits use of cell phones and two-wheelers by school, college goers

The Statesman

KURSEONG, 25 NOV: The GJMM has now clapped prohibitory orders against the use of cell phones and two-wheelers by students, including college goers.

Forbidding the use of cell phones and two-wheelers by students in the hills yesterday during a programme at Kashyong, Pedong in Kalimpong, the GJMM chief, Mr Bimal Gurung said that most students misused cell phones by storing objectionable photos and movies in the gadgets, which is a dangerous trend. “Hence, to develop a clean society with moral values, we have to curb the use of mobile phones in the student community,” he said.

He also added that besides cell phones, the students would also not be allowed to use two-wheelers. According to him, several accidents have been reported in the hills from rash two-wheeler riding. “In view of the students’s interest we are taking this step. The Education Monitoring Cell and institution heads have been informed of the decision,” he said.

4 thoughts on “GJMM prohibits use of cell phones and two-wheelers by school, college goers

  1. David Starr

    Bimal Gurung’s new title, Czar Bimal. In a free society you have no moral duties to decide whats best for the individual. Let the individual decide for himself. Residents of Gorkhaland, next you will be told what colour underwear you can and cannot wear. It’s right around the corner, WAit and see.
    Darjeeling and its towns are going down the drains. The private schools will close its doors due to excess regulations from local governments. Czar Bimal will then say “Not to worry, we will start our own private schools” good luck Bimal and good luck residents of Gorkhaland. God be with you.


  2. Chilliwho

    This man should be controlled before he goes out of hand.
    Who does he think he is? To dictate what is wrong and right.
    He should look at himself, his past and current deeds before he utters words like morals and values.

    Does he even know what they mean.


  3. Students should use cell phones and bikes, why not? In a world which is ever developing and growing fast, it is necessary to have those with one, doesn’t matter whether you are a student or a teacher. If he/she is watching indecent images/videos on his cell phone and you stop him/her from doing so, he/she will still find some other means of viewing it. And talking about two wheelers, why ban it? you can simply make a rule where wearing helmets is a “MUST”, that’s going to solve the problems. If still someone isn’t following the rules, they should pay some amount as fine.It’s democracy you fool! One has the right to do anything. Who does he think he is to make decisions for other individuals?!Does he come up with these stupid ideas just so he can gain attention? Grow up! Someone has rightly called him Czar bimal.Why don’t we have genuine leaders?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!


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