kalimpong.info – Upgrades, Suggestions, Advice.

Dear Readers,

It was almost five years ago that kalimpong.info was established. The site was born out of sheer homesickness and a need to stay in touch, a need to collate and archive Kalimpong information, and a need to share Kalimpong with the rest of the world.

Since then this site has tried to concentrate its efforts on providing the best Kalimpong-related content, and I’m glad to report that I think we’ve been pretty good with that. We have a well established and diverse readership and on more than one occasion I have been glad to see this site help reconnect old acquaintances, or help provide important information to Kalimpong residents, potential visitors and the diaspora.

Given the “.info” the site has tried to concentrate on the information aspect and not necessarily on beautification or gimmicks. However, it’s been five long years and I think it’s about time we gave this site a facelift. Not just for the aesthetics, but also to take advantage of the plethora of new technology out there for the web, and to ensure the security and stability of this site.

So in the next few weeks you may find little, or major, changes… you may find that the site’s just not loading, or looks like an ’80’s geocities page. So if you do encounter any issues, please feel free to email me at admin @ kalimpong.info to give me a heads up. I will appreciate it.

Finally, I would now like to solicit suggestions and advice, and hope to hear your kvetches and pet peeves, so that I can take them into consideration during the upgrade process. I will welcome and look forward to any comments about content, about design and style, about the site’s layout and its philosophy.. Everything is fair game.

Thank you all for your readership, for visiting, and please keep coming back.



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