Back on agitation path

The Telegraph

Darjeeling, Dec. 21: The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha has decided to renew its agitation from the day after Christmas with party president Bimal Gurung blaming the Centre for “taking the talks too lightly”, referring to the three-hour fourth round of tripartite discussion held here today.

However, there will be a relaxation in the Morcha agitation from tomorrow. “Keeping in mind the Christmas celebration, we will not hold any programme until December 26,” said Gurung.

The Morcha, while suspending the fast-unto-death on Saturday, had threatened to restart the hunger strike from December 22 if the talks failed. The hill party has not termed the talks as an outright failure but it has also not described it as a success. “We should neither be too happy nor too sad today,” Gurung said, summing up the party’s mood.

Hundreds of people today thronged Chowrastha, located a mere 150 metres from Mayfair Resorts where the meeting was taking place, since 11 in the morning. There was no scheduled public meeting but anxious people simply sat through the three hours until the Morcha delegation reached Chowrastha to brief Gurung, who was present at a nearby hotel.

With the crowd anxious to hear the outcome of the meeting, Gurung took his senior leaders on stage and announced his next phase of agitation.

“Three members each from the Gorkha Primary Teachers’ Organisation, Janmukti Secondary Teachers’ Organisation, Janmukti Karmachari Sangatan, contractual workers of the DGHC, Sishu Siksha Kendra and the contractors’ association will sit for the hunger strike,” announced Gurung.

The leader said an agitation, involving the students’ wing would begin from December 27, but refused to spell out its details.

Last week, Gurung had threatened to take five students each from every school in the hills and start an indefinite hunger strike along NH55 and NH31A the roads that connect Darjeeling and Gangtok with Siliguri from December 22 onwards. It is, however, not clear whether he would stick with the same programme on December 26.

Even though state and central government offices, which had been shut down by the Morcha since December 16 will remain open from tomorrow, Gurung said these offices would once again be shut down one the new phase of the agitation starts.

Gurung said his party was formed “only for Gorkhaland” and that its members were not interested in becoming ministers. “The Morcha is there only till Gorkhaland is formed,” he said, adding that if the Centre could grant Telangana because of reported suicides, his youths could commit suicide en-masse for a separate state.

“Do not come to us with development. You have nothing to show as far as development is concerned apart from the infrastructure that were created by the British. We are now talking about human development (sic),” said Gurung in his message to the governme



One thought on “Back on agitation path

  1. Gorkhs Daju

    West Bengal Assembly elections are due in 2011.

    While the above mentioned statement is true, it is, “pure and simple” irrelevant to the “Gorkhaland Issue”…………….

    This is because, the “first of its kind” … Political Level Talks … on the “Gorkhaland Issue” are due within 31 days (and counting down)………….

    First, (to state the obvious) the 6th Schedule Issue is dead and burried……………

    Then an “Indian Union State of Gorkhaland” starter has to be initiated by the Centre – the “All India Consensus” of which rests solely with the “Lok Sabha” and the “Rajya Sabha” and NOT with the “Bengal Assembly” (Elections or No Elections)…………

    Finally, the DGHC … (The Ghising Misadventure) … has to be “finally and absolutely” dissolved and thus Siliguri sub-division constitutionally brought back into the Darjeeling District fold …………….

    And ultimately an interim “Special Administrative Area” status has to be granted by the Center to this region for peace, prosperity and development, till the Indian Union Statehood Issue on Gorkhaland is objectively realised ………….

    All else will be a diversion and an “Exercise in Futility”…………. and will only result in more “TYRANNY, OPPRESSION and INJUSTICE”.


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